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Ambitious Start-ups need Escrow Services

Business ContinuityPosted by Herman Meuldermans 28 Nov, 2017 14:42:47

As a start-up in today’s economic environment, it is important to dream and act big – whilst remaining both profitable and compliant to all sorts of rules and regulations. These complications are often imposed by your would-be clients, business partners or suppliers. When dreaming big, a key goal quickly becomes to go global, but when trying to do so, you may find yourself entangled in questions about Business Continuity, all forms of guarantees that could result in a breach of your Intellectual Property, and you may decide that the hassle just isn’t worth it.

Allow us to assure you two things. Firstly: the hassle is totally worth it. Secondly: said hassle is far less than you imagine it to be.

When dealing with international clients, the matter of Business Continuity (for both sides) is a valid question, and a topic that needs to be addressed. However, that shouldn’t mean that your IP is breached or that the process and related costs prevent you from actually doing your thing.
Which brings us to the point: an Escrow Agent can help you establish a clear and concise solution for all Business Continuity concerns of you, your clients, and protect your IP whilst doing so. All while being a relatively cheap and simple solution.

As we understand the pains a start-up can face, though, WorldEscrow has created an even simpler and clearer solution, specifically for start-ups. WorldEscrow allows start-ups to create a pre-emptive agreement for their products, which will allow them to provide evidence of Escrow to their (international) clients. At the same time, the agreement itself will only go into full effect as soon as a client actually registers as being a beneficiary. Start-ups further get more flexible payment conditions, and a special tariff.

All of this allows you to prepare for any BC question you can get well before you actually get them, and to protect your IP well before any risks arise, at little to no cost and with the wholehearted support of a team of Escrow specialists.

If you’re interested to talk about your situation, contact us via mail or invite us for a cordial chat.

Or get registered at once, and be prepared.

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Trade Escrow Blockchain Platform

EventsPosted by Herman Meuldermans 23 Jul, 2017 22:55:24
Signing the cooperation Letter of Intent with Rention for the use of their Blockchain-platform at their office in Riga on Tuesday 18 July 2017.

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